Frozen Dance

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couple-embraceWho are they ? We don’t know. Haven’t they seen each other since a long time ? Probably not. Is it Love, or deep affection ? Or a thank hug ? Did she found his precious wallet ? Na, that’s a longer story. They met each other during a studying period. They lost contact and found back each other. Probably. Her name is Karen, from East-Berlin, or Denmark. He’s is Pablo. From Portugal. Yes, they meet in Lisboa. A friend told me. Showed me the pics. The tramway. Like no others. Why do they hug ? So glad to meet again. Not Love yet. They are young. They don’t think too much. They care. They cherish. They mind up. It’s summertime. They cool out. Like you are when do nuttin urgent. European style. They like each other. For long. Body langage. They’ll have to tell. One day. Choose or loose. Others wait. Parents watch. Friends ask. Will they stand long here ? An eternal minute. Will they stay long in this sweet street ? The time to know. Will they stay long in this city warmness ? The time to tell. Will they stay long in touch ? The time to feel. Left out by social pressures. The twirling flood of thoughts and feelings. The great stream of life. The balance between pleasures and obligations. Choices and forced events. Friendship is better than Love. You avoid scars. Can be poisonned but not devasted. Friendship is dance when loving is boxing. Friendship is strength when Love is dependancy. Friendship is Love without sex. People behind have nothing to do with them. They are life passing. Not paying attention. Wandering without goal. It’s as pleasant as depressing. It’s life. You cannot be thrilling all the time. Like the one-eyed tramway. With its strange aluminium cover. He wants to remain modern-styled. He’s passing like a visible ghost. The hug illuminate the whole scene. Helped by this clever light. It’s freezing time joyfully. For the viewer’s pleasure. For the sake of imagination. Let us all know nothing about them. Let us all leave their secret to them. Eternally and faithfully. In honour of all our lost memories. Thank you to them, thank you to the photographer, thank you to the bloggers, thank you to Wor(l)dpress.

With all my «beloved» friendship



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